The Benefits of Diet & Exercise DNA Testing

Wondering why your diet isn’t working for you and you’re not seeing any results from your exercise plan? Would you be willing to find out what is the best dietary recommendations for your body in order to achieve your goals? 

What is Diet & Exercise DNA testing?

You may have found that you have a set cardio routine and exercise plan but the weight still isn’t coming off.  Maybe you have hit a plateau in your strength training and want to move on to the next level.  The answers you are looking for may lie in your DNA.  A simple saliva sample can be used to test a number of genes for specific variants that may affect your diet and exercise efforts. Studies have shown that tendencies of certain genes comprising our genetic makeup can play an important part in maintaining a healthy body and maintaining a successful wellness routine.

What DNA Testing Says About Your Body

Your genes can help determine which foods you should eat and which to avoid, the vitamins and supplements to take and what type of exercise would be best to incorporate into your routine.  Testing a variety of different genes can help to identify which ones tell the body how to process or absorb carbohydrates, fats, micro-nutrients, proteins and more.  This information can help you maintain your weight and thus optimize your health and wellness goals of a healthier life.  By understanding what role these genes play in your body, it’s possible to incorporate a diet and exercise regimen that is tailor-made to work with your DNA.

Want to understand how your body responds to the food you give it? Learn more about diet & exercise DNA testing and what it can do for you;  reach out to the professionals at Test Smartly Labs.


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