The Benefits of Telehealth

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth allows individuals to get doctor visits over the phone. This service enables people to get diagnosed and prescribed medication without a physical visit to a doctor’s office. telehealthNot only is this service convenient, but it is an effective way to get remote medical care to those who might not be able to get medical care otherwise.

Advantages of Telehealth

1. No more waiting in germ-ridden waiting rooms. Especially for children, going to the doctor’s office can increase their chances of getting sick. For example, research has found that children under age six who went to the doctor for an annual appointment had a 3.2% higher probability of experiencing flu-like symptoms.

2. Convenience. Rather than waiting days, and sometimes weeks, for an appointment, you can get a diagnosis and even prescriptions via phone in just one day. This means that you’ll get better sooner and be at a lower risk of getting others sick, too.

3. Remote medical care. Unfortunately, there are still many areas in the U.S. where people don’t have adequate access to a physician. Telehealth enables doctors to reach individuals in these under-served areas and provide them with the care that they need to keep the population healthy and help prevent epidemics. As it stands today, only 11% of the nation’s doctors work in rural areas, despite the fact that 20% of Americans living in these areas. Telehealth has the potential to change the lives of those living in rural areas where access to adequate medical care is scarce.

Quality Telehealth Services

Test Smartly Labs provides affordable and convenient telehealth services to both individuals and employers. The Test Smartly Labs telehealth program works to people give access to high-quality telehealth providers at a low monthly price. The program includes several different convenient and effective services. Patients get doctor visits by phone, including diagnosis and prescription of medication.They also have a prescription discount card, which offerssavings from 10% to 85% on prescriptions at 60,000 pharmacies. Doctors are available over email or voicemail at all times. Finally, Nurseline™ registered nurses are also available to answer any health questions.

To learn more about ARpoint Labs telehealth services, contact your nearest Test Smartly Labs today.


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