The Importance of STD Education for Adults

Often when you hear about STD education, it’s in reference to teenagers and young adults.

While it is extremely important that this age group is aware of the facts and prevention methods for STDs, focusing all education efforts on the young creates a misconception that older populations don’t need to be educated on STDs.

Even if you were schooled in high school sex ed and have experienced sex firsthand over the years, there’s still a need for you to refresh your STD education as an adult. Here are a few reasons why you should brush up on your STD awareness.

Why Adults Need STD Education, Too

Increasing STD Rates Among Older Generations

Rising cases of HIV and cervical cancer in adults 50+, chlamydia among senior citizens, and hepatitis C among baby boomers suggest that adults need STD education, too. There are many reasons why STD rates are growing among adults, including:

  • Test Smartly Labs | STD Education for AdultsInfrequent STD screenings. If adults were up-to-date on their STD education, they’d know that they should get regular STD screenings, especially when starting a relationship with a new sexual partner. Otherwise, STDs can go undiagnosed for years, particularly if they aren’t exhibiting symptoms.
  • Decrease in condom use. Adults are less likely to use condoms, probably because they don’t think they’re at risk of STDs.
  • Declining immune systems. As we age, our immune systems are naturally less effective. This puts adults at higher risk of catching and spreading STDs.
  • Confused symptoms. Sometimes, STD symptoms are present in older adults, but are mistaken for other aging diseases.
  • Lack of medical care. Many adult women stop seeing their gynecologist once they’ve gone through menopause and no longer need birth control. Without the benefit of a sexual health examination, many HPV cases may go unnoticed and eventually develop into cervical cancer.

With better STD education, adults will be more likely to take the necessary precautions and prevent the spread of STDs.

Preparing For the Sex Talk

Adult STD education is also useful for parents and guardians approaching the sex talk with their kids. It’s important that children don’t just hear about sex and STDs in school, but also at home. Relearning STD basics, including information on prevention, symptoms, and screening, will not only help adults improve their own sexual health, but also help them best provide STD education to the teens in their lives.

STD Education For Adults

What exactly should STD education for adults entail? Here’s what to research:

  • How can I prevent the spread of STDs? Learn more about the safe sex practices you should engage in, even as an adult.
  • What are the symptoms of common STDs? Adults should be aware of these signs so that they know if they’ve been infected.
  • What behaviors put me at higher risk for getting an STD? Be aware of the sexual behaviors that can up your risk for catching an STD. That way, you’ll know if you should be tested more regularly.

STD Testing for Adults

Part of your STD education must include monitoring your personal sexual health. Located nationwide, Test Smartly Labs offers reliable, confidential, and convenient STD testing, including comprehensive STD panels. Find your nearest Test Smartly Labs today to get started.


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