The Power of Testing Yourself for Health Conditions

Many people consider screening for potential health conditions to be tedious, expensive and stressful. Others are afraid of the results of the various tests in case there is a discovery that there is something wrong with their health. The following are some of the reasons why you should test yourself for potential health conditions sooner rather than later.

Early Detectionhealth lab testing

Innovation in medicine has resulted in the successful treatment of many life threatening diseases. Early detection remains the best way to ensure that the efficacy of the treatment regimes are high. It is for this reason that we are constantly being reminded on the importance of testing and routine visits to our doctors.

The cost of receiving medical treatment is considerably cheaper when a condition is detected early than when it is in advanced stages. When you consider the costs associated with treating some conditions that are terminal, you will find sense in going for an early test.

Test for Hidden Conditions

Early detection of certain diseases has been proven to result to saving lives because it allows the use of measures to prevent the spread of the condition to other parts of the body. Screening is necessary even if you do not posses any signs of a particular condition because some dangerous conditions do not show active symptoms until it is too late for them to be controlled or treated.

Efficient and Non-Invasive Testing Options

Modern screening technology is fast and less invasive to the patients. This should be encouraging news to those who claim that testing is time consuming or lacking in privacy. Testing doesn’t have to take much time. You can even get your confidential results within days, depending on the test. Testing at Test Smartly Labs is simple and efficient. Our trained staff will administer the confidential testing at your request and make sure your results are delivered to you promptly.

Be Aware

Testing gives you peace of mind. When you have taken the appropriate steps to learn about your health, you can move forward with any necessary treatment or changes. Screening is very important for people with pre-existing medical conditions because the early discovery of other conditions may prevent the aggravation of the existing condition.



  1. If you struggle with nerves, this makes great sense.

  2. There are so many reasons to take these tests home, you shouldn’t feel uncomfortable regarding these tests.

  3. What a great recommendation for those who struggle to find comfort.

  4. At home test may not be as accurate, but in most cases, they are the right start.

  5. What a great alternative to feeling uncomfortable.

  6. Sometimes getting tested can save a lot of pain and stress later on. I wholly agree with this article.

  7. Home tests are great for folks who don’t feel comfortable going into the doctor.

  8. Testing yourself for health is very important, home tests are also a great way to feel comfortable during these tests.

  9. Does anyone know if there is an advanced screening for Alzheimer’s? My grandmother had it and I’ve noticed concerning patterns in my dad as well. I’m asking for both him and myself.

  10. There are so many benefits to taking the test in the privacy of your own home.

  11. I just think that if I could find out soon that I had a problem I would be able to do something about it. Getting tested regularly just makes sense to me.

  12. These are just a few reasons why these are beneficial.

  13. Getting tested can be stressful, but these ideas should help.

  14. Not everyone is prepared for the trip to a clinic, so home testing is a great option.

  15. This is great advice. Testing early can save a lot of money down the road. Not to mention hopefully saving you from poor health down the road as well.

  16. This is something I would like to do more–get myself into the doctors’ office and get a check-up when I don’t need to! It’s so true that many cases revolve around catching the illness/disease IN TIME to treat it. When warning signs are missed early on and nothing is done to keep checking for them, any of us could end up in that same boat. We have to treat our health as a primary concern! Great article!

  17. Wellness check-ups are one of the things we specialize in at ARCpoint; I would recommend everyone gets a wellness check-up 2-3 times per year. Catching irregularities early can mean a world of difference!

  18. I have to agree with Mark–you can never be too safe. I try to get them at least twice a year! Great article!

  19. Keeping your health in the best shape that you can is truly an amazing feeling. When you wake up and wind down–knowing that you have treated your body as best as you could–you actually do get better sleep and live a better, healthier life! Nice post!

  20. This is good advice for people of all ages. Everyone believes things like cancer and disease won’t happen to them, but everyone is susceptible. Get yourself tested!

  21. It’s never bad to be sure. It’s always good to do regular checkups even if you don’t feel anything. There are some diseases that takes some time to effect your health so it’s better to caught it sooner than later.

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