This or That: Holiday Meal Edition

Welcome to the holiday themed edition of “This or That,” where we help you make the tough calls this holiday season!

We’ll take a look at the traditional dishes that might be set on your table this year, describing how to make healthy choices.

Holiday Meals: This or That?holiday meal

Wine or Wine Spritzer

Opt for the wine spritzer this year. Replace just 2 ounces of your white wine with club soda. The zero-calorie soda makes your drink that much lighter, but you still get to enjoy a drink with friends and family.

Dark Meat or White Meat

If you’re carving a turkey this year for the family meal, choose the white meat for yourself. Dark meat has about 40% more calories than white meat.

Eggnog or Cider

It’s not a huge surprise that a glass of thick, creamy eggnog packs on the calories. When you need a warm drink, pick apple cider. Leave out the alcohol to cut back more calories.

Bring Appetizers or Wine

If you’re heading to a party and have the option to bring anything, pick a healthy recipe. You can make one of your favorite holiday snacks, but control the ingredients. Make healthy swaps. That way, you know that there’s at least one healthy snack at the party.

Spiced Sweet Potatoes or Sweet Potato Casserole

Sweet potatoes are full of vitamin C, iron and vitamin D. Scalloped sweet potatoes and sweet potato casseroles can pack on the calories fast, though, because of the cream and butter. Don’t leave this veggie off the table. Roast sweet potatoes with cinnamon and spices. You won’t miss out on any flavor, but you’ll save tons of calories and fat.

Dessert or no Dessert

You might think it’s best to skip the dessert table completely. You don’t have to pass up your favorite holiday sweets. In fact, you should enjoy them. Just remember portion control. Pick one or two desserts and cut small portions. You’ll be more satisfied this way — if you know you’re allowing yourself to indulge in dessert, you’re less likely to scoop up extra appetizers or make a late-night snack run after your party.

Healthy Holiday Choices

This holiday season, you have the power to make healthy choices. Don’t let worry dampen your holiday season. Go confidently into the holiday season, ready to make the best choices for your health.

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