‘Tis the Season for DNA Testing!

Though they are used frequently in legal proceedings, DNA tests aren’t just useful for law enforcement, attorneys, and government agencies. And paternity tests aren’t the only types people use for their personal purposes, either.

DNA testing is also an excellent way for people conducting ancestry research to learn more about their genetic background.

You can get a quick, painless DNA test at nationwide Test Smartly Labs any time of the year, but we think the holidays are a great time to kick start your genetic research.

Why Get DNA Testing This Holiday Season?

Share Results at Family GatheringsFamily Dinner

When you get your DNA test results back, you’ll probably be excited to share details with your family. Since you’re likely to spend a lot of time with them around the holidays, it just makes sense to get your testing done this season! Once results are in, you can share new information you learned with your family, like where exactly your ancestors settled, or what unique mix of ethnicities your DNA contains.

Compare Your DNA Test Results With Family Stories

The holidays are a time for reminiscing. With your DNA test results in hand, you can compare family stories and legends with the information you now have. And we’re sure that your grandma will appreciate you showing a renewed interest in her tales!

Fill in Holes in Your Family Tree

A DNA test can tell you a lot about your family tree, but so can your relatives. Take advantage of this time together and fill in any gaps you have in your family tree. You can use the DNA test results as a basis, and fill in more with the information your family provides.

Accurate, Reliable, Confidential DNA Testing

Wellness-certified Test Smartly Labs located nationwide provide affordable DNA testing. A simple cheek swab could reveal more about your family’s past. Don’t delay — find your nearest Test Smartly Labs and get a DNA test today!

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