Top 5 Health Risks in the US

As the work week winds to a close, Test Smartly Labs invites you to look at the top five health risks across the country. As part of Healthcare Risk Management week, we encourage you to learn more about these risks. Understanding the health risks you face is key to minimizing them in the long run.

What Are Your Top 5 Health Risks?

Top 5 Health Risks in the US

1. Heart DiseaseHeart disease is one of the leading health risks, killing more men and women every year than any other health risk. Heart disease can lead to heart attacks and strokes. Typical symptoms of heart disease could be heart murmurs, a rapid heartbeat or difficulty breathing. Some good preventative measures for this dangerous disease are to quit smoking, eat a low-fat diet and reduce your sodium intake.

2. Cancer – Of all the types of cancer, lung cancer is one of the most prevalent health risks for men and women. In addition, women can also be affected by breast or colorectal cancers. Some possible cancer symptoms could be extreme tiredness or uncontrolled weight loss. To reduce the health risks of cancer, stop smoking, have a healthy diet, and get routine cancer screenings.

3. Stroke – While stroke is considered the third highest of the health risks for women, it is the fourth highest cause of death in men. If you notice any face drooping, arm weakness or speech difficulty, these are possible signs of a stroke. By keeping your weight down, exercising, eating healthy food and stop smoking, you’ll reduce the risk of a stroke.

4. Respiratory Disease – Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD, also covers respiratory diseases like emphysema and bronchitis. If you’re having breathing problems, then you might have the symptoms of a respiratory disease. The leading behavior that leads to these health risks is smoking.

5. Diabetes – Type 2 diabetes is another leading cause of death in men and women. This health risk can lead to other problems such as kidney damage, heart disease and blindness. Frequent urination, constant thirst and blurred vision are potential symptoms of diabetes. To reduce your risk of diabetes, be sure to lose any extra weight, eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly.

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