Tuning in to Your Bone and Joint Health

How often do you think about your bone and joint health? If you’re like most people, the answer is “not often.” That’s why Bone and Joint Health Week is so important. During this year’s Bone and Joint Health Week, which is October 12-20, you have an opportunity to learn more about healthy bones and joints.

The U.S. Bone and Joint Initiative

The Initiative, which is made up of healthy bones experts, reports that greater than 54 percent of people over the age of 18 have a bone and joint condition. Projections for the future of healthy bones are similarly bleak. As life expectancy increases, being aware of Bone and Joint Health Week will become more critical.

Inadequate Funding for Bone and Joint Research

Only two percent of the National Institute of Health’s budget is devoted to bone and joint research. That’s why events like Bone and Joint Health Week are so valuable. With limited research available, it’s up to individuals to make certain they have healthy bones and joints.

Exercise for Healthy Bones

Bones become weaker over the lifespan, but if you strengthen the muscles that support the joints, you can counteract this effect. As part of Bone and Joint Health Week, make a resolution to walk around the block, ride a bike, go hiking or sign up for a ballroom dance class. Don’t forget to incorporate some strength training moves and stretching for ultimate bone and joint health.

Eat Right for Bone and Joint Health

You can also observe Bone and Joint Health Week by eating fruits like apples and bananas, vegetables like kale and broccoli and calcium-rich dairy products. Healthy bones need the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in these foods to remain strong.

Celebrate Bone and Joint Health Week by exercising and eating right for healthy bones.

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