What DNA Reveals About You

Today we use DNA tests to tell us just about anything, It can help exonerate an innocent man sitting on death row, as well as help a woman determine the father of her child.

Predict Your Child’s Health

Researchers are working to develop the field of prenatal genetic testing further than ever by using it to identify potential developmental delays and intellectual disabilities like autism spectrum disorder. For the past decade or so, using blood from the mother and saliva from the father, scientists have been able to determine whether a fetus has any chromosomal abnormalities that could cause a genetic disorder. For example, DNA testing can reveal if an unborn baby will have Down Syndrome.

Learn About Your Own Health

Genetic testing can reveal risk factors you might have inherited from your parents or grandparents (as some issues skip generations), such as a high risk for certain cancers, heart disease, or colon cancer. While your genetic risk factor does not guarantee you will develop a disease, it does increase your chances. Learning about your risk by getting a DNA test, especially if you were adopted or have no family that knows about health history, may help you take preventive steps.

Lose Weight More Easily

Recently, researchers have figured out that our ability to lose or gain weight is largely shaped by our genes. Scientists have identified several gene variants that may predispose us, and our children, to obesity. Some studies have also shown that up to 80% of our body fat is determined by our genes. While there is a genetic component to obesity, our understanding of it is still very limited. Researchers are still seeking knowledge about how genetics, nutrition, and exercise are connected to help people lose weight — and keep it off.

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