What Happens During Paternity Testing? 

Paternity testing is a subject that often appears in media reports.

It may also be a subject that crops up in your life.

When it does, it pays to be informed about the paternity testing process.

The Paternity Testing Process

Request for Paternity Test

A child’s mother, suspected father or the court may request that paternity testing be conducted. This establishes who the child’s father is beyond any doubt. The father then has parental rights and may be ordered by the court to pay child support.

Paternity Testing Is Scheduled

To be admissible in court, paternity testing must be conducted while a third party is present to prevent tampering with the process. The testing is often held at a certified lab facility. The mother and child may go in for testing together while the father may be scheduled at the same time or at another appointment if the situation is contentious.

Paternity Testing Occurs

A simple cheek swab is all that is required to collect the necessary DNA sample. A lab technician may perform the swab to ensure that a sufficient, appropriate sample is collected. This paternity testing approach is non-invasive and is never painful, yet it yields extraordinarily reliable results. Samples are carefully packaged to prevent tampering, and the lab is required to meet strict chain-of-custody requirements to ensure that the test results will be court admissible.

Delivery of Accurate, Confidential Results

The lab may require between three and five business days to process the samples. State-of-the-art equipment is used, and samples are always tested twice to ensure the accuracy of results. Then, the paternity testing results are delivered to the interested parties. These are always sent confidentially to ensure the privacy of the individuals involved. Typically, results can be sent directly to the court when paternity testing is ordered by a judge.

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