Why am I Tired? Health Issues Related to Fatigue

Feeling exhausted more frequently than usual these days? There might be a health related reason for your exhaustion. You should seek medical help to learn more about your fatigue. As you keep researching possible issues, however, here are a few of the health issues that are connected to tiredness.

Fatigue and Anemia

Anemia has been identified as one of the major causes for tiredness. A medical doctor can test you for this condition, in which the body does not have enough healthy red blood cells. A diet rich in iron and Vitamin B12, blood transfusions and medicine are typically used to treat anemia.

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Fatigue and Thyroid Issues

An underactive thyroid gland can cause serious tiredness and fatigue. Thyroid issues can make it hard for you to lead a normal life. If you’re worried about a potential complication with your thyroid gland, you should be tested for hypo or hyperthyroidism. A medical doctor can use this screening for a diagnosis. Testing yourself for thyroid function does not have to be complicated. You can quickly learn the results of your thyroid testing by visiting Test Smartly Labs and completing a thyroid screening.

Fatigue and Diabetes

Diabetes is commonly connected to fatigue. The body’s response to low or high blood glucose can cause fatigue. A physician is able to diagnose diabetes and help you find the causes of your fatigue.

Fatigue and Stress

Apart from the physical causes, there are several psychological causes of fatigue. For instance, you might tend to feel tired because of the mental stress you feel at work pressure or strained relationships. Seeking the assistance and support from a medical counselor will help you understand your symptoms and make changes for improved energy.



  1. There is a difference between being tired and fatigued, correct? I don’t feel fatigued, but I feel tired and sleepy a lot. What are some possible causes for being tired? Besides simply not sleeping enough.

  2. The one that seems to be left off is just plain being out of shape. If you are not healthy your body will let you know. There are some good points being made here thought.

  3. Didn’t realize there were so many different things that could cause you to be fatigued. Always just thought I needed more sleep.

  4. I knew that stress could lead to fatigue but had no clue that thyroid issues could cause them too!

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