Why National Infant Immunization Week is Important Now More Than Ever

April 18 – 25, 2015 is designated National Infant Immunization Week. Across the nation, state, local, and federal health departments like the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) partner with healthcare professionals and local leaders to promote awareness of the importance of infant immunization.

As part of this observance, we are sharing why now more than ever parents should be following the recommended immunization schedule.

Why immunization matters more now than ever.

Immunization should be a part of every child’s life. Not so long ago, millions of children suffered and died from diseases that are now preventable through immunization. Nonetheless, because of the proliferation of scientifically inaccurate information, some parents still resist having their children vaccinated.Infant Immunization

The decision against immunization has meant a rise in cases of preventable, serious illnesses. A high profile case happened in 2014. In fact, the measles outbreak that was centered around Disneyland was a major news story for months. It was only one of about 20 measles outbreaks that happened in America that year.

Once eliminated, now reemerging.

Those numbers are troubling, especially since measles and other childhood illnesses that can be
prevented with immunization appeared to be all but eliminated several years ago.
Unfortunately, a movement among parents shuns the idea that immunization is a healthy choice. These parents often base their arguments on a long since discredited study by former physician Andrew Wakefield who cited a connection between the MMR vaccine and autism. Even though countless scientists and researchers have highlighted the fallacies in Wakefield’s conclusions — and a very recent study has again shown no link between the MMR vaccine and autism — parents continue to believe the more sensationalist findings.

Immunization: a child’s best protection.

The fact is that immunization is a valuable, safe and effective tool for protecting children against preventable diseases. Too many children have perished from these diseases in the past. Though there have not been any reported deaths in the more recent measles outbreaks, it’s unwise to disregard this possibility. Measles once killed thousands, and it may do so again if enough parents refuse immunization for their kids.

Celebrate infant immunization week!

This year, we encourage you to think beyond your family when celebrating National Infant Immunization Week.
Not only is this the time to consider your own views on immunization and how vaccinations can keep your family healthy. It’s also an effort to educate the public about vaccines and the safety of choosing to have a child immunized. Science makes it possible to protect children against 14 serious diseases through the administration of vaccines. Immunization literally saves lives. Parents can use the week of April 18-25, 2015, to educate themselves about vaccination and make vital doctor’s appointments.
If you are unclear about vaccination records for your children or even yourself, many Test Smartly Labs locations nationwide offer titers tests to confirm immunization levels against Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR), chicken pox, mono, and hepatitis B. Some locations even offer MMR vaccines, as well as the flu shot.
For more information on our services or the importance of infant immunization, contact your local Test Smartly Labs.

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