Why Opt for Court-Admissible Paternity Testing? 


If you’re wondering about the paternity of a child and needing to quickly confirm or deny a biological relationship, you might be tempted to try an at-home paternity test.

While these kits do seem convenient and promise quick results, there are many drawbacks to using them, and many more benefits to opting for court-admissible paternity testing from the get-go.

Here’s what you should know about court-admissible paternity tests.

Why Court-Admissible Paternity Testing?

Avoid Repeated Testing & Costs

By choosing to make the results court-admissible the first time around, you don’t have to repeat the test and pay extra fees. This helps if paternity is disputed. If the child is not yours, you won’t be subjected to more pain and testing. Consequentially, if the child is yours, you’ll be able to use that information to your advantage in divorce and child custody hearings.

Paternity testing cost money and the fewer tests you have to take, the better. Once the results have been made court-admissible, you won’t have to pay for tests again. Whatever results are available are shared in a court of law.

Proving Paternity for Legal Cases

This form of paternity testing also helps tremendously in cases where children’s health is concerned. To assert custody in a situation in which the mother is unfit to parent a child, then paternity must be proven through testing. Results of paternity tests can only be admitted as evidence if they have been conducted following all chain of custody procedures.

Less Human Error

While at-home paternity test kits may seem like a quick and easy way to determine a child’s parentage, they leave room for user error that can prevent results from being reliable. When your test is conducted in a lab-based environment by a trained professional, there’s less risk for you making a mistake that compromises the integrity of the test.

Court-admissible paternity testing is accurate, confidential, and lab-based. It’s far more reliable than a home test and helps clear up any misunderstandings there are about who fathered a child. If you want to have paternity testing done, make sure that you allow it to be court-admissible. Not only will it save you time, it will also spare you the expense and hardship of submitting multiple tests to the court.

Test Smartly Labs nationwide provide accurate, court-admissible paternity testing. Results are always delivered quickly and of course remain confidential. To learn more about our DNA testing services, visit our website or contact your nearest location today!

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