Why UV Exposure is a Real Health Risk 

The sun that brings heat and light to the world can also cause damage to its inhabitants.

As the ozone layer thins, UV exposure increases to alarming levels. This leads to a host of health problems.

During the summer, many families spend extra time outdoors when on vacation or when enjoying play with their children. When people know about the risks of UV exposure, they can continue to enjoy the outdoors as safely as possible.

Are You Aware of UV Exposure Risks?

The UV Exposure, Skin Cancer Connection

Skin cancer is by far the most commonly diagnosed form of the disease. In the U.S., one in five people will receive a skin cancer diagnosis within their lifetime. While other factors may contribute to the development of skin cancer, UV exposure is by far the main culprit.

Melanoma Skin Cancer

Excessive UV exposure causes this deadly strain of cancer. Melanoma may account for just three percent of all skin cancer diagnoses, but it’s responsible for at least 75% of deaths that are caused by skin cancer. Avoiding the sunburn that often results from UV exposure is the best way for people to minimize their chances of developing this deadly condition.

Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer

Basal cell carcinomas and squamous cell carcinomas may not be as deadly as melanoma, but they still pose a risk to human health. When left untreated, basal cell carcinomas can get into the bones while squamous cell carcinoma can spread to other parts of the body. When caught early, both of these diseases are highly treatable. Of course, protecting yourself from UV exposure is the best way to prevent a diagnosis in the first place.

Premature Aging

Not all UV exposure leads to deadly diseases. Still, a skin disorder known as actinic keratoses can be a precursor for developing squamous cell carcinoma. UV exposure is also responsible for signs of premature aging like wrinkles and discoloration, which can be avoided with sun-protection measures.

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