Zika Virus Found in Donated Blood

Florida officials say a donated blood sample has tested positive for the Zika virus. The donation was made within the state, but the donor’s identity is not being released. When it comes to pregnant women zika virus is a particular concern. Learning more about the positive test result can help everyone manage their zika virus fears.

Blood Sample with Zika Virus

OneBlood is a non-profit organization that helps provide hospitals with safe, donated blood. A spokesperson for the organization says that the positive test result came after a particular sample was put through a standard screening process at a St. Petersburg laboratory in August. To date, this is the only positive test result for donated blood in the state. With regard to pregnant women zika may be a worry, but laboratories are prepared to prevent the spread of the virus through blood donations.

Standard Laboratory Testing Found the Zika Virus

With pregnant women zika is a sensitive subject. Most are highly concerned about an infection and passing it on to their unborn child. When it comes to pregnant women zika infections can be avoided by following CDC guidelines. Plus, it’s comforting to know that reputable laboratories are routinely screening for zika virus in donated samples. In the Florida case, the laboratory instituted zika virus testing more than one year ago.

When It Comes Pregnant Women Zika Fears Remain High

Florida and other US states have mosquitoes virtually all year. That’s why the Florida Department of Health and similar agencies elsewhere have started providing testing for pregnant women. Of course, it isn’t necessary for women to be tested through a state agency. Any reputable lab can detect the presence of zika virus.

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